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After returning from a PD session with the other staff today from pic photographic imaging college, to Bendigo Gallery of Art, I've had time to think, about many things.

Fostering team spirit is one of those things. I am reminded once again how important it is to treat it, team spirit, with care and foster it as much as possible. After all the government does not give a fig about us, in the end we need to support each other. get involved and participate and generally look after each other.

Other things I thought about, were the amount I have learned over the years about computers, software, and digital tools to create objects with. Here is a list of the software tools I have taught myself or taken workshops in over the last 13 years.

  • Apple Computers, the Apple Operating system and troubleshooting Apple computers generally.
  • Photoshop, a large photo editing application, that has major upgrades every 18 months or so.
  • Expression Media Pro a digital asset management generally.
  • I've begun exploring. Lightroom, Aperture, Raw Developer:- photo processing and organising tools, and how they function as digital tools generally in a photographers workflow.
  • Dreamweaver, a powerful website creation tool.
  • Stylemaster a tool that makes writing CSS a complimentary web language easier to learn and write.
  • HTML, the underlying computer language for web pages.
  • CSS, a complimentary computer language that helps design websites.
  • Indesign, a powerful Desktop Publishing Tool
  • Online Electronic Desktop Publishing, printing and distributing publications online.
  • FTP tools file transfer protocol tools for uploading and maintaining websites
  • Skitch a handy graphics tool useful for sharing graphic ideas quickly and easily.
  • Lightwave, a powerful 3d modeling and animation tool.
  • Ecto a tool for quickly and easily writing blog entries.
  • Mophones, Phonecams whatever you want to call them I've been experimenting with these devices to get an idea what they are and aren't capable of since 1998, this is ongoing research, which changes focus every time I get a new phone.
  • Keynote Apple's answer to Powerpoint
  • Blogging, generally, this is one of several blogs I now write and contribute to, the whole 'notion' of what a blog is and isn't has been a great learning curve.

As well as learning these tools I've immersed myself in the culture and use of many aspects of the internet and the idea of using it, the internet, as a tool to share and disseminate information. Just writing these blogs has made my writing better and I hope my analytical thinking as well.

All of these things I've introduced into the curriculum in various ways or used to increase my productivity and organisation at work.

Here's a list of places I use in an effort to use this idea in my professional practice

  • pic.australia a resource for all staff to add links and other resources for the students/
  • pic's daily blog setup by me with several staff contributing
  • cmaarts, an extra means of communication for my CMA students
  • pic's flickr account, part of a broader social use of photography encouraging students to get involved.


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