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My Online Presence

Has been expanded yet again, but a quick look at the keyword tag cloud suggests I might be in the wrong place?
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch! edna has released a new and exciting service for educators called new system provides an online professional network where educators can identify their professional interests, join communities with similar interests, and view and respond to the activities of their online colleagues. It incorporates features of social networking sites to build professional communities. With further releases during 2008, will become a personal network and resource for Australian educators

PD to date for 2008

As part the VIT registration process, we are required to fulfill a minimum requirement of hours of PD here's their wordy statement.From their VIT website:-The Standards Framework
The standards of professional practice for full registration for teachers in Victoria were approved by the then Minister for Education and Training, Lynne Kosky in November 2003. The standards, which describe the characteristics of effective teaching and establish the essential components of teachers' knowledge and practice, were developed by teachers, for teachers.
Here's my list to date for 2008Regular visits to the NGVapproximately 16 hoursRegular visits to MGA approximately 8 hoursLes Walkling Inservice 3 hrs.Ian Lobb Inservice 3 hrs.Bendigo Gallery of Art Tour and Talk - 8 hrs.Self taught software, Aperture, Lightroom, Blender, iGTD, 50 hours.Other activities for the college I've participated in up to this point in 2008.Participate in PIC Photographic Imaging College Staff MeetingsMinut…

Post Photoshop Workshop Ponderings

So the last 2 Saturdays, I spent teaching two people photoshop.One of the people who attended had a background, in IT. Their difficulty in dealing with the Macintosh interface has me once again wondering about how people learn using computers. The way they used the mouse seemed to go against the way the operating system worked, they were constantly loosing their place on the screen. What is it that people do so differently on a P.C. that makes their experience with a Mac different?Over the years the course I teach has not only shrunk from 4 days, but the content has crept away from the original idea. Now most people have access to a digital camera, this essentially changes the way we explore the idea of image size in the class for example. The idea of a workflow now predominates the workshop, rather than how to use the tool that is 'Photoshop' amongst other things.

New Software

Two New Packages, I'm throwing myself at at the moment.
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch! Blender an open source 3d Application.
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch! Aperture a photo manipulation and management tool.Stay tuned for the responses.

RPL Portfolio

Have spent some time putting together a portfolio of requirements to aid in my application for recognition of prior learning for my Certificate IV in TAA 40104. At one level it is refreshing to re-vist ideas about lesson planning and assessment. On the other, all this takes some time out of my life, so far about 32 hours of work including a full day course last week.