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Time Just Keeps Ticking Away

Again this weekend more work on my rpl application, for my CERT IV TAA40104.Of the 14 units in total, I have 5 rpls and this weekend covered another 5, total time taken? Twelve hours!Units covered this weekend:-TAADES4018 Use Training Packages to meet client needsTAAENV403B Foster & Promote an inclusive learning cultureTAAENV403B Ensure a healthy and safe learning environmentTAADEL403B Facilitate individual learningTAADEL301B Provide training through instruction & demonstration of work skillsTake that V.I.T!

Another one for under the belt

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch! Meet the new software package, I'm going to have a go at learning


It's been a week of meetings/PD and it's only Wednesday, so to keep the overlords at VIT happy, here's what I've done.VTAC, Draft Advertising proposal, 10:00 - 11:30, 1.5 hoursMonday staff meeting/PD session, 8 hours, preparing documentation for AQTF audit next monthTuesday, RPL meting at Victoria University for Cert IV TAA40104 3:00- 5:00 pm, 2 hours. This makes 11.5 hours of PD this week alone!

Weekend? What Weekend?

This weekend saw me spend 4 hours of writing and preparing my RPL for my Certificate IV, TAA40104.Then today another full day of eetings and administration preparing documentation for AQTF, as we have an audit next month.That makes 12 hours more of PD in my books.A small succes, as a result today, myself and another colleague, worked out how to add version/tracking control to a document in Indesign, stick that in your pipe and smoke it Microsoft Word.To ad version/tracking control to your documents in Indesign, do this:-go to type>text variable>define... This dialog appears Click New, call it something obvious, like oo I dunno version control.Then, check the boxes, that say show file path and include file extension
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch! Click ok. Now add this to a text box on a master page, format the characters and paragraphs to your aesthetic, and add any other pieces of information your organisation requires. This means you are not constantly editing it, hey presto, …

Acronym City

I attended a meeting on Tuesday this week at the head office of VTAC. It wasn't a total waste of time, I learnt a couple things, the main one being there are many other members of the ITC's out there, who feel neglected and frustrated.But what I really realised after the meeting was sheer volume Organisations I deal with at a professional level.DET [Department of Education and Training]VIT [Victorian Institute of Teaching]AQTF [Australian Qualification Training Framework]NCIS [National Training Information Service]VTAC [Victoria Tertiary Admissions Centre]VU [Victoria University]All have copious amounts of paperwork to read and respond to, some even have difficult and incomprehensible systems in place, that leave me wondering, am I doing anything right?

Blender [2 hours of PD]

Spent 2 hours yesterday dabbling in Blender. I found this video tutorial very useful.I also learnt that my mouse configuration need to be set up with 3 buttons to use the software the best way it can.
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch! The numeric keypad has shortcuts for changing views, the actual values of which I need to write down.
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch! And finally, the default layout has a 'hidden' area where you need to drag down an area on the interface to access it.Like many software applications of this ilk, it is very processor heavy, so I closed down all but the most needed applications running in the background, and ALSO minimised the numbers of tabs I had open in Safari.Useful Links for learning BlenderVideo TutorialPDF books and manuals, free.Blender's e-shop, with manuals and training DVD's for learning Blender.This not going to be to easy, at least however as it's free I can install it anywhere and learn it in my spare time.