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Blender [2 hours of PD]

Spent 2 hours yesterday dabbling in Blender. I found this video tutorial very useful.

I also learnt that my mouse configuration need to be set up with 3 buttons to use the software the best way it can.

Keyboard & Mouse
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

The numeric keypad has shortcuts for changing views, the actual values of which I need to write down.

blender pd seesion #1
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

And finally, the default layout has a 'hidden' area where you need to drag down an area on the interface to access it.

Like many software applications of this ilk, it is very processor heavy, so I closed down all but the most needed applications running in the background, and ALSO minimised the numbers of tabs I had open in Safari.

Useful Links for learning Blender

This not going to be to easy, at least however as it's free I can install it anywhere and learn it in my spare time.


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