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PD Session, at NGV Monday, 1st December 2008

What we learnt

NGV photography section now have a permanent space, also now has funding for publications.

The permanent space has broadened to include more mediums.

The NGV primarily purchase Australian works?

Rennie Ellis estate owns his work.

Rennie Ellis left 500,000 images lots of work is negatives. Contains lots of commercial work including commissioned work.

Study Room, is open to the public and they are more than prepared to allow tertiary students access to it.

Image & Content paramount, whereas HOW the image was made is of a lesser importance

In-house photograpers copy work for publication.

Careers in curatorial work requires Arts Degree & post grad quals at least up to Masters, even then unpaid work as an intern is NOT guaranteed.

Career paths require involvement with the arts as an observer rather than as practitioner.

Collection policy focuses on artists, whereas institutions like the SLV are more interested in 'VICTORIA'.

The process to view work is to contact gallery, give them a list of works/artists, you want to see first then a 'discussion will follow about the details.

Storage area can also be used to show students art works, in conjunction with the print room.

As an idea, we can get artists to address prints, directly at the NGV.

Next came a walk through talk from an educational officer from the gallery.

NGV has educational service for 60 years, all are trained teachers. Twelve staff funds programs.

NGV publishes a Quarterly magazine that outlines exhibitions. Access to the collection is part of mission. They have special spaces for light sensitive materials. Their largest audience is VCE students.

Order & Choas an exhibition

Ruscha, every building on the sunset strip. As a book on display.

Order & Chaos, the camera as a collector, archivist.

What is an archive what do students collect?

Folio Idea/s

Time assignment for folio? List uses of photography as assignment.

La Voix, very meta as it was photographed to be hung correctly, after the artists re-assembled the work.

These are truncated notes sent from my iPod. We were at the gallery for 2 hours.


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