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Post PD session notes

Monday was a pd session on location @ PIC with Les Walkling.

The topic was colour management, it ran for over 2 hours.

From a personal level, I understand enough about colour management to know it's important and to employ it when needed. However, to create a series of task and projects that were fun yet challenging for the students to come to terms with the ideas involved is going to be a real challenge.

Anyway after 2 hours we had worked through a Unit of the new Diploma of Photoimaging, and put together a suite of tasks that would help the students come to terms, with the ideas surrounding colour management.

Colorthink 2 is a great application to use as a teaching aid to demonstrate how different colour spaces and profiles look, when compared to each other on a computer screen.

We got brief intro to the history of colour theory and human perception of colour. But the focus was mainly on a colour managed workflow, and what tools or tasks could be used to teach it.

Marcus our resident link hunter found a huge list of links that will be useful for us and the students.

Les also briefly talked about the new Photoshop interface, apparently the uptake has been slow, and the changes to the gui* huge, The changes are so much he advised against introducing it to the curriculum in 2009! What he did recommend was however, using Light room version 2. This package has improved dramatically, apparently and now has some local brushes. I've been trying to decide, which software to demonstrate to the students for sometime and it looks like Lightroom might be winning out over Aperture?

*gui is an acronym for Graphical User Interface.


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