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Indesign, my current DTP app of choice, has many hidden secrets I'm still trying to uncover. The majority of our documentation is produced using this tool, then exported as a pdf for any one else who needs to see or read it. Our major publication that, we publish each year, is distributed this way to our students. It is a "book" with several chapters, and a contents page. It is possible somehow, to produce the final pdf table of contents with links to each chapter with in the book. Yesterday I spent 4 hours trying to get this to work. No luck, what so ever. Time to buy a book or find a tutorial online, methinks?

Internet generation leave parents behind Media | The Guardian

Says the guardian [From Internet generation leave parents behind | Media | The Guardian]While i have no children myself, it is to my mind quite apparent that this is what children would do, to the point where I am surprised, when the students i teach, in the 17-22 year old bracket DON'T use the internet much? Or worse consider ME a geek.