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Crystal Ball Gazing

I'm no seer but this article from eschool news is interesting.Six technologies soon to affect education New report describes the emerging technologies that will shape K-12 education in the near future
By Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor Primary Topic Channel: ResearchCollaborative environments, cloud computing, and "smart" objects are among the technologies that a group of experts believes will have a profound impact on K-12 education within the next five years or sooner.The group, called the New Media Consortium (NMC), has come out with an annual report on emerging technologies in higher education for the last several years. This year, for the first time, NMC has issued a K-12 version of its "Horizon Report" as well.The Horizon Report: 2009 K-12 Edition, released earlier this month, identifies and describes six emerging technologies that will have a huge impact on K-12 education within the next one to five years.The report groups these technologies according…

Evil Empire

This is the most eloquent, and succinct argument AGAINST Microsoft products I've ever read.Only Microsoft's unending control-oriented approach is able to lend their free offers any novelty, rather than concrete advantages which provide direct benefits to the recipients.It came from the e-chalk list I'm on. And was in response to what was tentatively a spam e-mail pushing Microsoft products.