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Mail lists?

I am on two e-mail lists for educators, [Macs in Education, & echalk] both are proving to me that e-mail is not dead as a medium for sharing information, witness this gem, that surfaced on the maced list today
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch! More online content to explore and digest, speaking of online content, the abc's iview is a great way to watch programs of all sorts.

Wolfram Alpha Look, it’s a plane, it’s a search engine it’s a … - Beyond Chalk Blog

In principle a great tool for lower years in education, but I had trouble getting ANY results relevant to photography.Still Brad's post has some salient points, regarding the use of the internet in education:-If we are going to truly educate this next generation about the educational value of the internet, awareness of such brilliant tools such as Wolfram is essential. I’m no statistics nerd, but I couldn’t help but become engrossed in the wealth of data Wolfram was able to offer.[From Look, it’s a plane, it’s a search engine it’s a … - Beyond Chalk Blog]Will be watching this with keen eyes, for sure.

New Software

Not only have I been learning Adobe Photoshop CS4, and Aperture and Lightroom, I've also been working with Dreamweaver CS4.Dreamweaver has matured substantially in this version, so much so I am struggling to work out a fast way to get my students at Victoria University up to speed quickly.It's kinda hard to track hours of PD in this situation, an hour here 1/2 a day there, so, difficult, to quantify.

Day 2 ITSC '09

AM Session #1Brought my laptop today and am able to blog during each break.This morning's session began with, an intro to iWeb, a great application. I'm still contemplating using this in class, not sure it gives me and the student's enough control, to understand images and image size; the whole driving factor behind the class itself?AM Session #2Edcube; as a tool for students to create digital portfolios. Very interesting idea, needs further exploration.PM Sessions, focused on Web 2.0, and it was good to hear other folks attempting to subvert the "system" and use technology in ways that would improve and enhance learning. Ultimately though; good teaching is good teaching.Total hours of Professional Development eight.Edit 17.5here's my 'notes' taken as the day progressedDigital portfolios, is a department buzzword.ed-cube cross platform"sage on the stage""meddler in the middle…

Day 1 ITSC '09

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch! Friday; I spent the whole day at the ITSC conference, at CSHS.I signed up for the, Digital Literacy Workshop.Day 1 was focused on podcasting.I came away with several ideas for lectures and sharing of information. The best was one I learnt, was using a function in keynote to record a voice over on top of the slides. I also learnt you can add pictures and videos to podcasts, again the possibilities are endless.The last session was a bit of a fizzer, it seeemd to be about making slide shows, and of course it was a little a tad too low for the year levels I'm teaching. I therefore left early and missed the dinner as well, I guess that I'll see some of the images and stuff on the the ali site.Something that I gained from the keynote was the stats about the way people learn, and of course listening forms less than 10%.Total hours of professional development eight.

Internet Safer; for Children, Than Most think

This article from may help to alleviate fears of internet use by today's youth, and hopefully the blinkered bureaucrats who are holding back much innovavtive work in many class roomsIn a report released March 31, the researchers saw a nearly fivefold jump in arrests for soliciting undercover investigators who posed as juveniles--to 3,100 in 2006, up from 644 in 2000, the last time the study was conducted........The New Hampshire center's data from 2000 have been widely cited in internet safety circles, but they predate the popularity of social networks such as News Corp.'s MySpace. In providing the update, the researchers are hoping to assuage fears that parents might have about their children spending time in such online hangouts.