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1st Yr Mid Year Folio

Yesterday saw the end of the reviews for the 1st years. Twelve students per day, over 2 days went really well. This year I've feel I pulled through really well compared to the past. No major paux pas, and no extended silences, or rather not feeling guilty about, not saying anything.Used Bento to track records and I think this will be my new tool of choice for this kind of admin work. Still need to learn more to get tables in to use the auto-sum feature of most spreadsheet apps.Early next term, I am off on a sabbatical, with Latrobe University. Almost 3 weeks up North around Mildura and the edge of the desert, teaching & shooting with some International Students, some of whom will, have little photography and art experience.

Organising Data

Just spent 4 hours working with Bento and Numbers, two software applications made by Apple for keeping track of numbers and data. I am planning on using these tools, to track results for the rest of the year, and in the future for attendance as well assignment marking.

iTunes University

Now here's an idea!
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Ian Lobb PD

Spent 3 hours today exploring colour and Photoshop's inability to deal with it correctly. As always and inspiring and enlightening session.Ian is a former University lecturer from RMIT, who created Lobster, a tool/plugin designed to overcome Photoshops poor handling of perceptual colour. He sells his plugin from his website, and at the very least you need to, read his introductory notes to appreciate the issues involved.The 2 main things that I took from the session were,There is a plugin available on the CS3 install disk that helps get around the issues, provided yo know what and how to do it, it is called HSBHSL.That people, "generally" are not investing the energy and interest in their won images because tools like Photohsop have democratised the process, and made it too simple.


Just finished reading:- "After Photography" (Fred Ritchin)This was a fantastic read, and will be very useful, in future classes.Naomi Rosenblum, author of A World History of Photography, is quoted on the back cover as saying:-"Ritchin is probably more optimistic than I about the effects of 'digital' capabilities, but I certainly would recommend the book to anyone who wishes to understand what has transpired in the image world in the past ten or so years. It is well written and covers many ramifications of the new means, going well beyond what we now think of as 'digital photography.'"This small passage highlights the potential of the medium, something I've been pondering since my first digital camera in the late 1990's"This, finaly, will be "digital photgraphy," synthesizing and analyzing aspects of the universe in interesting and unusual ways, rather than beginining with a mythic wholenss and freezing small sections as two di…