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EXHIBITING YOUR WORK workshop with Les Walkling

Duration: 3 hours
Location: Lab-X St.Kilda.
Date: 26/08/2009 Prosiac V Poetic communication. No schism between own work and 'client' now for digital natives. Helen Ennis, why are 'we' not in her recent book. Cultural discussion and context of Helen Ennis at odds with AIPP etc. Revist old colour negs of Melbourne and make a series. Title? That alludes to time? What makes your work Art?What are the differences between commercial art and the plastic and applied arts. The line in the sand is allegedly drawn around 1970 and the start of POMO.Victor Burgin 'Thinking Photography'. Art photography is about schoarly 'ideas'. Content Context The Art Industry driving the needs of itself. Corporate, only, interested money. Right down to the sales. 5 Types of Galleries National ie, NGV2. Publicly funded ie CCP CommercialTolarnoBroader Demograhic ie mid-career artists.Artist run collectives etc. Span, etc. Why do you exhibit? therfere to whom and how?Material Thinkin…

Edge of The Outback

I have just returned from a 3 week sabbatical. I taught 22 North American Students some aspects of digital photography, after a brief introduction, to photography in general. We then spent time in several National Parks in Northern Victoria and South Western N.S.W. The program ran for 3 weeks, and I was often spending upwards of 12 hours a day in the filed with students and 10 hours a day in the labs helping them finish their folios.I plan on writing a lengthy reflection and posting it to my website, in the coming days.