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Wind Down Reflections

As the year slowly winds down; I am considering my PD priorities again for the summer holidays.Alternatives to Photoshop will form a part of that research, other areas will be asset management, as it appears that Microsoft has stopped making or supporting Expression Media.So; my list of things to explore will include the following:-Adobe BridgeApple's ApertureAdobe's Light-room V2Cumulus, by Canto.I am hoping to have an exhibition again soon, either in 2010 or 2011, I have enough negs for a show of black and white prints and colour prints. Maps is the title of the b&w work, and A Sketchbook 2007 onwards is the title of the colour body, both are on flickr.Now that, has improved their service to include, Indesign templates and therefore colour management, I plan on including small books or catalogues of these shows as well.At this point, I am sitting at 307 hours of PD this year.