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Gearing Up for 2010

The year as usual has gotten off to a steady start, during the beak I read some material I'd been planing on reading, but still not enough. I have also created a diigo account, with groups for, both my VU classes and PIC, I also contribute to Diigo in education.. [Diigo actually offer a special service for educators that I'd forgotten about, but when I received the e-mail to activate the account I hopped to it.] Now I am able to send links to these groups and the students I teach will be able to access these links and contribute to them.Updates to Diigo in Education are e-mailed to me, and this morning in particular, I learned a little about twitter and have finally managed to hook into a vast amount of information about technology and education. The widget on the right has a live update as people post tweets with the hash tag #EduTech. This may now mean I can connect with more Educators around the world who are passionate about Education and Technology.Some of the books I pic…