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Adobe Bridge

This year, we decided to use Bridge at PIC and as a consequence, I am using it at VU as well. It is turing out to be a fine piece of software, and has only 1 drawback compared to iView Media Pro. The location of the files you work with. In iView Media Pro, I was able to see thumbnails of the images regardless off the location of the disks, with Bridge; the disk needs to be attached directly to the computer running Bridge, in theory I suspect it will run over a network but have yet to try that.It is now hard to tell when I am learning the software and when I am using it, as I have a new camera. So i'd say I have clocked up another 6 or more hours of PD on the software.

Teaching Load

Victoria UniversityThis year I have begun teaching at Victoria University; again. I'm teaching several classes in what has turned out to be a popular subject, 'Digital Fine Art Photography' AFC3003. Here is the unit description from the course handbook:-This studio-laboratory based unit of study will explore the principles and practice of digital fine art photography and equip students with the knowledge to develop, implement and complete a digital fine art photography project in the context of contemporary art practice. Working with a variety of cameras including the digital SLR, students will learn about aperture, shutter speed, ISO settings, white balances and a range of lighting techniques. Image processing techniques using Photoshop and other organisational and editing tools will encompass editing workflows, file formats, image resolutions, colour profiles and creative image editing. The photography project will draw upon art research practice and related writing stud…