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Teaching Load

Victoria University

This year I have begun teaching at Victoria University; again. I'm teaching several classes in what has turned out to be a popular subject, 'Digital Fine Art Photography' AFC3003. Here is the unit description from the course handbook:-

This studio-laboratory based unit of study will explore the principles and practice of digital fine art photography and equip students with the knowledge to develop, implement and complete a digital fine art photography project in the context of contemporary art practice. Working with a variety of cameras including the digital SLR, students will learn about aperture, shutter speed, ISO settings, white balances and a range of lighting techniques. Image processing techniques using Photoshop and other organisational and editing tools will encompass editing workflows, file formats, image resolutions, colour profiles and creative image editing. The photography project will draw upon art research practice and related writing students have completed as part of their previous visual art studies, with a view to producing a cohesive folio of their finished artwork for public presentation such as a website, online exhibition, and/or artist's book. Research and investigation exploring the meaning and rationale of fine art photography in the 21st century will be a core component of the unit.

I am pleased so far with classes, I used the 1 hour documentary entitled the genius of photography, and the episode entitled 'Documents for Artists', which looked at Photography between the wars in mainly Europe, with a short reference to the FSA and the United States of America, as a starting point for all the groups I teach, the reception so far seems good. The other tasks I have set don't seem to be going so well, particularly the writing component, i.e. the blogs I have asked the students to set up and write. So far I calculate that roughly 1/3 have done this. I've also requested they join flickr and 'participate' that is going better, but again nobody seems to want to to 'talk'? Not sure how to address this. The teaching load at VU will I feel contribute heavily to my PD this year as it is over 6 hours, and that is not counting the 18 hours I've already done as preparation of the course unit.


Work at PIC is going well. Camera class this year is scheduled for the student's 'prac' day. This means I can follow through each week and keep the students up to speed very easily. Well that is the idea anyway. I have minimal contact with the 2nd years this year, I feel this is a good thing. I have the same group in First Year for digital as well as camera and two other groups for digital 'prac', so we'll see how this all pans out.


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March and tons of PD already!

March has almost ended and I have undertaken a heap of PD already.
Firstly there's the dreary bureaucratic stuff! One hour. It was kind of pathetic, the principal lead the session and left the most difficult part till the end, and rushed it leaving more confused people than ever. I was all over it, because it was a simple web based form. More on this later.
Then there was the new paper I tested for the students, 6 hours in EP&T.
Lastly, I made some books to and used the art book fair to try and sell them. 200 hours. I made 2 books. One a simple single sheet zine, which went through two revisions and ended up being constructed of two weights of paper as I created a cover for the final version. The other was a perfect bound book, of about 48 images and printed by blurb. Sadly this arrive late so it didn't get to me in time for the Art Book Fair at the National Gallery of Victoria. All up though it was a fantastic learning experience.

What a day!

Well what a day. Saw some great art, and had a very relaxing day all round. Took comprehensive notes, and will copy and paste once we get home. Made a few pictures, but, all in all just soaked up the art. it was fun and some team building did occur. It would be great to do something similar at some point, in the not too distant future, let's hope the others feel the same!
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2016 in Reflection?

It would appear I have not kept such good records this year of my Proffesional Development? I have been using my VIT page more I feel. Anyways, I have done a couple of PD online sessions as well as attending a VDC training day.One online training session for DEAT, OH&S, [2 hours]Two days of a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in house at NCAT [12 hours]One day of trainging on mental health awareness, Science of Mental Health, by Dr. Maria Roberto, looking at how menalt health develops and developing strategies for helping young people cope. [6 hours]As for creative work I have had work in 2 group shows, both in South Australia. These kept me quite busy this year. [120 hours]

Also the annual 1/2 day VTAC training and I guess that covers me for 2016. [4 hours]Not sure of actual hours though?