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Adobe CS5 Seminar

Thursday the 6th of May saw me at The Sofitel at 25 Collins St. in the City. I spent the dat attendeing the Adobe CS5 software launch. It was an al day seminar, and I have written about it on my main blog.The thing I most took away from this was that the once clearly delineated jobs of the pre digital world are no longer in place. Photographers can be video-graphers, graphic designers, or any other type of creative, and the same can be said of, Graphic designers, Web Designers, Film makers and so on. Where does that leave photography as a skill and craft taught over an extended period such as a Diploma or Degree Program? I have no answer yet, other than core principles such as, 'seeing', light and colour and composition need to continue to form the back bone of these course. We are indeed living in exciting times. Now if I can just get my computer to work fast enough and never fail me, just like my own real memory.

Aperture Seminar.

Yesterday I attended a seminar on Aperture. This an Apple's contribution to the image editing market. It is a hybrid image editor and image organising application.I had some very specific questions for the presenter regarding Colour Management and file management. While he did not answer them thoroughly they gave me some clues as to where to look and inspired ,me to pick it up again for organising and editing photos.The Biggest drawback to this software is that it is apple only and is one of the reasons I've not thrown myself into it's application and use. Now I think we will offer it as a 2nd year workshop as part of a range of packages to choose from and work with.