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Spent 2 hours playing/learning Garageband today. It was fun and fairly easy. [2 hours self directed learning] I decided to add a soundtrack to a slideshow I made using Aperture, getting more and more comfortable with this software.

EOTO 2010

Just returned from 7 days of teaching the Edge of the Outback program for 2010. 7 days of Digital, with lot's of moving, modifying and changing of teaching along the way. I also learned how to print on the Epson 9880, a wide format printer capable of printing up to 44 inches wide, I even used a couple of my images to print. [7 eight hour days in total]This year we had mini reviews, which went well. I team taught with Darren Davidson, he was indispensable, as we had a student who has suffered several bad accidents in his life and has some difficulty learning. All in all a great experience I felt, I plan on doing it next year again too.