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During class this week, as I watched some students use their own net-books, and notebooks, it occurred to me that using some other software than Adobe's bridge might make the student's ability to learn the key concepts simpler. The software that came to mind is free, cross platform and open source, it is Picassa, made by google.

So I spent an hour or so, playing around with it, on my Mac at home. I think it could work, however it is too late this semester to introduce it to the class, but perhaps next class? So after an hour or so playing with it, and learning a little about how it works, it seems to stack up against the big players, so semester 1 2011, if I get the work at VU, I will use it.


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What a day!

Well what a day. Saw some great art, and had a very relaxing day all round. Took comprehensive notes, and will copy and paste once we get home. Made a few pictures, but, all in all just soaked up the art. it was fun and some team building did occur. It would be great to do something similar at some point, in the not too distant future, let's hope the others feel the same!
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Term 3 Ends and I've lost track!

We are in the term 3 holidays and I have lost track of my PD. I am now definitely using the VIT portal more than any other blog, tool.

At the moment I am in the throes of a project being run by SBS, the CCP & Brimbank council. The project will be exhibited in the town hall for 6 weeks.  I am still shooting though.