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Post Sydney Reflections

As I said yesterday in my iPhone entires, we were in Sydney, checking out some some art.

Here are my notes from the day, written in evernote, and copied and pasted here, as is, with minor corrections for grammar and spelling.

Steiglitz Exhibition

Definitely a different look between Silver Gelatin & Platinum prints.

Sometime after 1919 switched to Silver Gelatin. Why?

Is this a camera issue as the smaller earlier works are also printed on Silver Gelatin.

They even have a direct comparison between the 2 processes, using the 'Hand of Man' image.

Why was Steiglitz on a boat when he made the steerage picture? "The melding of humanist and formalist values"

Even in the later years his work appears over printed?

Several mentions of "place" where is mine, do I have one, certainly Melbourne itself is, home, but is it my place? Poplars for example, made at Lake George, one of 2 main places Stieglitz claimed as place.

'Barn, Lake George' has some luminosity. 'Some'.

Love the tonality of 'Dancing Trees' one of the few palladium prints that have any silvery richness.

'Window, wood, glass, snow' symbolism, metaphor for Steiglitz at the time.

A lot of platinum/palladium prints, are they simply a different look compared to silver gelatin?

Abstraction Show Downstairs

Has Steichen and Coburn prints.

Whistler gets a big mention but why not Turner?

People are only capable of seeing what they have learnt to see, photography has both accelerated and thwarted this.

Visual puzzles with no real keys. Some of the colours in the, paintings are outright fluorescent.

Is Duchamp's wheel treated with kid gloves like all other art works, it was re-made in 1964, so it's hardly an original, how many exist I wonder?

Trope, in particular a national trope, does Australia have one and if so what is it?

Many prints seem over printed? Georgia Engelhard, cover image from the classic Sarkowski book is very low in contrast and the print seems over printed as well.

Total 8 hours.


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