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VU Week 6

Week 6, [last week] saw the beginning on oral presentations. Only a handful presented, but they were well researched nonetheless. I talked about, resizing images, and using flickr to share images, both globally and selectively. Very pleased with the way this class is going, some of the blogs have very interesting work on them. I think next semester there I should try and incorporate more photo-strolls, perhaps with different locations, Organ Pipes National Park comes to mind.PIC on the other hand is fairly quiet, the calm before the storm, I suspect so next term will be frantic, no doubt.PHD stuff has stalled, but with my new iPhone I'm getting right into geo-tagging, it is amazing how accurate it is.Doug Holloway's books are proving very inspirational, I'm on his 3rd one and it is amazing how I do so much of what he talks about, personally, but I owner how I can incorporate it into the curriculum here?