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Self Directed Learning.

Last week I made a small PD video for the other staff. It was a pd on how to create an organisational system for e-mail. I used screen flow to do this. I learnt a lot about the application and have decided to attempt to create more teaching aids this way.
Total time spent learning and making 4 hours.

Infrastructure for VU

Spent several hours today; organising class lists and e-mail lists for my VU classes, in an effort to better stay on top of my classes.Victoria University's e-mail systems is entirely Microsoft server based and over the years I've shied away from using it, but after several hours of perseverance on Sunday, I now have two nicely organised lists the I can e-mail folks directly with.Four hours in total.
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Attended a symposium on Saturday, from 1:00pm, to 7:00pm. This was run by R.M.I.T, Melbourne University, & Monash University. It was an investigation into digital light. Some of the speakers, focused on technology, others, history, and philosophy. Two of the speakers were big hitters in contemporary writing on photography theory and history.This was highlight of the symposium for me. Geffrey Batchen was one, and is a great orator and his lecture was interesting and uncovered some interesting facts about Henry Fox Talbot, and the inventor of the computer Babbage.Ultimately the thing I took away for the symposium was that the way western culture treats, reads & consumes photography has not been affected by digital technologies or digital light.
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