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Phase One

Recently spent some time with the Phase one camera back and the medium format digital camera. It is very heavy, I worked both in the studio and outdoors in natural light. The camera produces very good quality files, and in the time I spent with the camera I realised this will only ever be a heavily supervised camera in the studio.

I have also over the last few weeks been working with Capture One the software that is used in conjunction with it.

[Total time 6 hours, over several weeks]

Tertiary Connections

On Friday the 23rd the entire teaching faculty visited the Victorian College of the Arts. The visit was designed to reconnect with the institution  and to view the current graduate show of work on display throughout the college.

The quality of the work was broad and diverse some even very engaging. We spent the hour and a half in there talking to one of the technicians, a former PIC student. We now know that they are handing out brochures to prospective students after their interviews.

Another outcome was that some pedagogical discussion regarding prints and assessment of students work.

[Total time 1.5 hours]

This month saw me watching several  webinars on colour management. They helped deepen my understanding of a subject that can be dry at times but is the single most key concept a professional artist and photographer as myself needs to understand

[Total time 12 hours over several days]

Industry Liasion

I recently attended the Epson SureLab open event. I booked in for 10:30am Friday, 16th November at Kayell in Collingwood.

I spent an hour hearing about the benefits of this high volume inkjet printer and contemplated its potential use in our program.

Kayell are meant to get back to me with pricing, even so, I don't see an immediate need for it in our course as few companies have deployed it yet.

[Total time 1 hour]

More Self Directed Learning

Having worked with E, for extensive amounts of time, I've come to the realisation that, language and teaching computers have a subtle link that can be lost on people who's native language is not English.

Take the two screen-grabs below, for example.

These are the commands to turn on rulers in two adobe products. When instructing a student to use these I say, literally.
"Go to view, show, grid". [in photoshop], or
"Go to view, grid, show grid . [in Dreamweaver]

The tick at the front of the last phrase or word visually indicates that they are already on, but if it is not showing, there is no language to indicate that they can or can't be changed.

This is important and I'm not sure how far reaching this is, and to what extent I need to evaluate my use of language while teaching software based classes.

I feel given my historical reticence to use paper hand outs needs to be reviewed at the very leaset.

Last week I spent 2 or 3 hours making a simple photoshop …

CCP Workshop #1 2012

I attended the CCP in Fitzroy, for a camera craft workshop given by Les Walkling on the weekend of the 14th - 15th of July 2012.
The workshop ran from 10 to 4 both days, and actually ran over time on the second day by about an hour.
I attended to broaden and deepen my knowledge in this area in an effort to improve, change or modify the way I deliver this.
I actually learnt a couple of things, surprise surprise!
Firstly the main reason why Depth of Field is such an issue with DSLRs is, the thickness of the chip. CCDs in cameras a wafer thin, to quote Monty Python, and smaller than 35 x 22 mm. This means that circles of confusion occur much close to the light capturing surface than film cameras. The size and distance  of these mean that the large circles of confusion we are used to seeing are physically smaller, and closer to the sensor than when working with film.
Secondly, diffraction is a big issue and find the sweet spot in a lens is even more important to counter this along with us…

NGV vist

Spent Monday the 27th of March at the NGV looking at the show entitled 'Looking at Looking'. We were there for 2 hours and garnished some useful ideas for further resources and a possible excursion to the gallery.

[10:00am to 12:00pm, total time 2 hours]

VTAC Publishing

Today I was at a meeting at VTAC in Park Street South Melbourne, for the annual VTAC publishing truing session. This included explanations about changes to the VTAC publishing system and the editorial controls I need to put in place to enact this.

[2:00pm to 4:00pm. Total 2 Hours]