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CCP Workshop #1 2012

I attended the CCP in Fitzroy, for a camera craft workshop given by Les Walkling on the weekend of the 14th - 15th of July 2012.
The workshop ran from 10 to 4 both days, and actually ran over time on the second day by about an hour.
I attended to broaden and deepen my knowledge in this area in an effort to improve, change or modify the way I deliver this.
I actually learnt a couple of things, surprise surprise!
Firstly the main reason why Depth of Field is such an issue with DSLRs is, the thickness of the chip. CCDs in cameras a wafer thin, to quote Monty Python, and smaller than 35 x 22 mm. This means that circles of confusion occur much close to the light capturing surface than film cameras. The size and distance  of these mean that the large circles of confusion we are used to seeing are physically smaller, and closer to the sensor than when working with film.
Secondly, diffraction is a big issue and find the sweet spot in a lens is even more important to counter this along with us…