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More Self Directed Learning

Having worked with E, for extensive amounts of time, I've come to the realisation that, language and teaching computers have a subtle link that can be lost on people who's native language is not English.

Take the two screen-grabs below, for example.

These are the commands to turn on rulers in two adobe products. When instructing a student to use these I say, literally.
"Go to view, show, grid". [in photoshop], or
"Go to view, grid, show grid . [in Dreamweaver]

The tick at the front of the last phrase or word visually indicates that they are already on, but if it is not showing, there is no language to indicate that they can or can't be changed.

This is important and I'm not sure how far reaching this is, and to what extent I need to evaluate my use of language while teaching software based classes.

I feel given my historical reticence to use paper hand outs needs to be reviewed at the very leaset.

Last week I spent 2 or 3 hours making a simple photoshop …