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Online Webinar Certificate

Here's a picture of the certificate I received for undertaking a webinar recently.

Webinars and Online PD

I recently attended the Webinar run by Museum Victoria entitled "No need for clean hands: Accessing and working with digitised items". It was a great learning experience and a good opportunity to network with other likeminded individuals. Currently I am still awaiting the arrival of my 'certificate' to say I have participated. [1 hour]

Today I also undertook the online session on OH&S, which is part of the DEAT training for OH&S portal. It took two hours and I received a mark of 10 out of 10. [2 hours]


This year, I have been more engaged in things like callouts for exhibitions. I submitted to two Phone camera competitions, sadly as of this writing I was not successful in either. I am also participating in the CCP summer Salon this year. I spent several days choosing and printing a 5x4 negative to do this. The idea is not to actually win these competitions but rather to keep my skills up to date in many areas of my craft from editing/selecting & organising to printing and finishing prints.
[5 days]


I have attended two webinars this year.
One on aerial photography using remote controlled quad-copters, and the other on digital workflows and solutions offered by a large company.
They both ran for an hour and had some good ideas about industry needs and requirements for professional photographers.
I would like to implement the idea of aerial photography into the course, the other webinar simply drove home the need for reinforcing the idea of a solid workflow.
[2 x 1 hours]

Upgrading Software Skills

PIC recently upgraded to the new CC versions of Adobe Products. A quick look at the 4 we use the most, Photoshop, Bridge, Indesign & Dreamweaver.
None have major changes at first glance other than Dreamweaver. In the past we have taught web design using an simple box method of laying out pages. The software no longer permits this.  I discovered this very quickly after opening the software. This meant several hours using online tutorials on how to use the new software.

Again after completing the tutorials the changes will impact directly on how we are going to teach it. Marcus and I decided to keep the older version of the software and continue to teach it  the way we have in the past. Even though the new design makes sense form a technical perspective in creating websites, this is nor what and why we teach the students how to do make web pages. Hence we will be sticking with the older version of the software

Below a screengrab from the old software

Below a screengrab from the new …

Work Safe quiz

Yesterday I undertook the safe at work quiz, found at this uri,
I spent an hour and 45 minutes reading the material and 25 minutes undertaking the quiz.
I passed successfully.

Total time 1 hour and 10 minutes

BIFB 2013

On Saturday, I visited Ballarat the for the bi-annual photography festival called BIFB or Ballarat International Foto Biennale. I saw a small section of the show focusing on the core program at 3 venues.

The Mining ExchangeArt Gallery of BallaratPost Office Gallery These 3 galleries had a brad cross section of work from Australia and overseas, as well as historic and contemporary artists. My favourite was the John Cato. I also enjoyed the work of Ayala Gazit, in the Post Office Gallery.
I used the time spent there to prepare a list of questions for the students to answer when we visit the galleries later this week.
Four hours total.

State Library Seminar with Aleks Krotoski

Last night I attended a seminar given by the State Library of Victoria. It formed part of a larger exploration by the library and how they plan to use digital in their future.
The seminar was an informal chat with the renowned academic, psychologist writer and TV presenter Aleks Krotoski, she was in Melbourne to promoter her new book, 'Untangling The Web'.

The seminar went for 90 minutes, where the host chatted with Aleks about her career and book, and there was plenty to talk about in terms of the internet, culture and humanity. She is an engaging and entertaining presenter and speaker, how much I took away from the experience for my teaching is hard to define at this point. One point that stuck in my mind was how she described people are  moving away from the their online life, deliberately.

What will the internet mean for me as an educator born living half of my life immersed in the technology, compared to all my future students who will have grown up with these technologi…

Blurb Workshop

Blurb is one of the world's leading on demand book publishers. Students are now using theirs and other services to produce unique portfolios.
I decided to attend not only as a means to deepen my own knowledge of the process, [I enjoy making books of my own work] but to also see if I could bring something back for the students in terms  of knowledge and insight. The workshop ran from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. I enjoyed listening to the the speaker. The speaker reinforced and articulated several ideas I knew needed to be emphasised  but more importantly he talked at the end of his own projects and creative process. This lead me to rethink my approach to book making which in turn will be passed on to the students. [3hours]

Northern College Arts & Technology

Spent 3 hours touring the college that specialises in folio preparation and other vocational courses including VCAL senior extension. [3hours]

This is not my first PD for 2013.
I spent several days over summer printing some silver gelatin prints in my darkroom at home, it was refreshing to print for the sake of it and explore my journals and diaries looking for negs to print, for the sake of printing. [5 days]

Great Ideas