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State Library Seminar with Aleks Krotoski

Last night I attended a seminar given by the State Library of Victoria. It formed part of a larger exploration by the library and how they plan to use digital in their future.
The seminar was an informal chat with the renowned academic, psychologist writer and TV presenter Aleks Krotoski, she was in Melbourne to promoter her new book, 'Untangling The Web'.

The seminar went for 90 minutes, where the host chatted with Aleks about her career and book, and there was plenty to talk about in terms of the internet, culture and humanity. She is an engaging and entertaining presenter and speaker, how much I took away from the experience for my teaching is hard to define at this point. One point that stuck in my mind was how she described people are  moving away from the their online life, deliberately.

What will the internet mean for me as an educator born living half of my life immersed in the technology, compared to all my future students who will have grown up with these technologi…

Blurb Workshop

Blurb is one of the world's leading on demand book publishers. Students are now using theirs and other services to produce unique portfolios.
I decided to attend not only as a means to deepen my own knowledge of the process, [I enjoy making books of my own work] but to also see if I could bring something back for the students in terms  of knowledge and insight. The workshop ran from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. I enjoyed listening to the the speaker. The speaker reinforced and articulated several ideas I knew needed to be emphasised  but more importantly he talked at the end of his own projects and creative process. This lead me to rethink my approach to book making which in turn will be passed on to the students. [3hours]