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State Library Seminar with Aleks Krotoski

British technology journalist Aleks Krotoski.
Last night I attended a seminar given by the State Library of Victoria. It formed part of a larger exploration by the library and how they plan to use digital in their future.
The seminar was an informal chat with the renowned academic, psychologist writer and TV presenter Aleks Krotoski, she was in Melbourne to promoter her new book, 'Untangling The Web'.

The seminar went for 90 minutes, where the host chatted with Aleks about her career and book, and there was plenty to talk about in terms of the internet, culture and humanity. She is an engaging and entertaining presenter and speaker, how much I took away from the experience for my teaching is hard to define at this point. One point that stuck in my mind was how she described people are  moving away from the their online life, deliberately.

What will the internet mean for me as an educator born living half of my life immersed in the technology, compared to all my future students who will have grown up with these technologies  This is probably a question I should have asked. [1 1/2 hours]


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March and tons of PD already!

March has almost ended and I have undertaken a heap of PD already.
Firstly there's the dreary bureaucratic stuff! One hour. It was kind of pathetic, the principal lead the session and left the most difficult part till the end, and rushed it leaving more confused people than ever. I was all over it, because it was a simple web based form. More on this later.
Then there was the new paper I tested for the students, 6 hours in EP&T.
Lastly, I made some books to and used the art book fair to try and sell them. 200 hours. I made 2 books. One a simple single sheet zine, which went through two revisions and ended up being constructed of two weights of paper as I created a cover for the final version. The other was a perfect bound book, of about 48 images and printed by blurb. Sadly this arrive late so it didn't get to me in time for the Art Book Fair at the National Gallery of Victoria. All up though it was a fantastic learning experience.

What a day!

Well what a day. Saw some great art, and had a very relaxing day all round. Took comprehensive notes, and will copy and paste once we get home. Made a few pictures, but, all in all just soaked up the art. it was fun and some team building did occur. It would be great to do something similar at some point, in the not too distant future, let's hope the others feel the same!
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2016 in Reflection?

It would appear I have not kept such good records this year of my Proffesional Development? I have been using my VIT page more I feel. Anyways, I have done a couple of PD online sessions as well as attending a VDC training day.One online training session for DEAT, OH&S, [2 hours]Two days of a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in house at NCAT [12 hours]One day of trainging on mental health awareness, Science of Mental Health, by Dr. Maria Roberto, looking at how menalt health develops and developing strategies for helping young people cope. [6 hours]As for creative work I have had work in 2 group shows, both in South Australia. These kept me quite busy this year. [120 hours]

Also the annual 1/2 day VTAC training and I guess that covers me for 2016. [4 hours]Not sure of actual hours though?