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This year, I have been more engaged in things like callouts for exhibitions. I submitted to two Phone camera competitions, sadly as of this writing I was not successful in either. I am also participating in the CCP summer Salon this year. I spent several days choosing and printing a 5x4 negative to do this. The idea is not to actually win these competitions but rather to keep my skills up to date in many areas of my craft from editing/selecting & organising to printing and finishing prints.
[5 days]


I have attended two webinars this year.
One on aerial photography using remote controlled quad-copters, and the other on digital workflows and solutions offered by a large company.
They both ran for an hour and had some good ideas about industry needs and requirements for professional photographers.
I would like to implement the idea of aerial photography into the course, the other webinar simply drove home the need for reinforcing the idea of a solid workflow.
[2 x 1 hours]