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Bookmaking 2015

Earlier this year I undertook a Masterclass in bookmaking with Marshall Weber and Stephen Dupont. It was enjoyable, inspiring and challenging. I now have two books sitting in the wings waiting to be made. I printed first drafts over the weekend.
I leaned several things; my #emptyshops book needs to be much, much smaller, probably only 26 images after all. Which makes sense, seeing as it's an homage to Ed Ruscha's 26 gasoline stations. My next instalment of my phone camera photography could work as an A4 sized book. Sadly I ran out of ink for my iPhone book, which is tenthly entitled no photos has me quite excited. Below a couple of screengrabs of each book.
Total time 12 hours, editing and printing.

Industry Liaison 2015-12-09

We visited the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, The Margaret Lawrence Gallery, and Magnet Gallery. The first two galleries were displaying contemporary art ain innovative and novel ways. This will be used to teach students to think about how they too can apply this knowledge to their own output. Magnet gallery is an output and input lab, it scans negs and makes prints, and has volunteering options for our students to engage and network with the industry.
[4.5 hours]

More Pinhole Tests

I made a print from the first paper negative. Although this is a poor digital reproduction of it.

I also tried two other negatives at different developer times, one 4 minute exposure developed for 6 mins in Rodinal 1+100, the other an 8 min exposure for 2 mins in Rodinal 1+100

Pinhole Camera Experiments

I have the good fortune to be able to access several pinhole cameras. 1 5x4 inch one and an 8 x 10 inch one. Last night I brought home, the 8 x 10 inch one.

I then loaded it with paper and went outside. I have no idea what the aperture of the camera is so my idea was 2 fold.
Try to determine the aperture
Work out a way to make teaching the use of the camera; easy and approachable.

I teach a subject called Experimental Processes and Theory I am adding this to the list of experimental ideas students can approach.

My first exposures were 16 seconds and 30 seconds, I then developed the paper negative in Dektol for 3 minutes. The neg had tons of density in the sky, but shadow detail was lacking somewhat in both negatives, so I decided to increase exposure, next going for 1 minute and 2 minutes, again developing in Dektol. Again plenty of highlight density and some gain in the shadow but not enough for a reasonable print. It seemed that the highlights were blocking up too quickly. This go…

Catching Up?

As I prepare yet more paperwork for auditing purposes, I realised that my entries here have lapsed somewhat.
I visited several key exhibitions here in Australia and several exciting and contemporary ones in Japan.
Firstly there was the Trent Parke Exhibition in Adelaide, a whole days worth of work, a very prolific artist is Trent Parke.
Then there was the exhibition in Sydney, Australia 7 Photography, curated by, Judy Annear and hosted at the AGNSW. This one left me a bit disappointed as it seems more about Judy's cleaver curation than any ideas about Australia and Australian photography. [6 hours]. I also looked at a great body of work by Damien Drew, called Everywhere was wherever, some great travel/road/urban landscape photography. [1 hour]
In japan I spen a whole day trawling galleries in Shinjuku, and I lost count of the shows and the photographers, but I was impressed particularly by the analogue culture in Tokyo and possibly Japan.
[6 hours]

Robots or tutors?

Long interesting read, and here's the final quote:-
Many of us in education technology talk about this being a moment of great abundance – information abundance – thanks to digital technologies. But I think we are actually / also at a moment of great austerity. And when we talk about the future of education, we should question if we are serving a world of abundance or if we are serving a world of austerity. I believe that automation and algorithms, these utterly fundamental features of much of ed-tech, do serve austerity. And it isn’t simply that “robot tutors” (or robot keynote speakers) are coming to take our jobs; it’s that they could limit the possibilities for, the necessities of care and curiosity.
That’s not a future I want for anyone.

New Job!

This year I applied and was successful in gaining a new job as a sessional lecturer with Deakin University. The first trimester [11 weeks] was a simple into to photography subject, and dealt with a whole raft of issues I had not dealt with in nearly 15 years since photography had gone digital. The students were taught to use 35mm analogue cameras and shoot slide film. The results were then assessed using a slide projector. Lot's of memories came flooding back as I looked at slides that were either over or under exposed, poorly focus while also dealing with a jamming slide projector. This was a basic class and as such there was minimal preparation, but assessing was tricky as I was only one of several people working with the students and then only for a few hours.
Needless to say learnt a lot in the first trimester.

The second half of the year saw me teaching and lecturing in a new subject for both Deakin and myself. It was very challenging, as it was a theory only subject. The sub…

Extra Curricular Teaching

Earlier this year,  I ran two classes on social media for the 'Create course' at NCAT. I spent several days preparing and writing the lecture notes then delivered it to the two groups. It was fun and rewarding and several other staff came along and enjoyed the class also.
2 Hours teaching
16 hours prep

Term 1 Holidays PD sessions

This term holidays just gone I undertook 2 PD activities over 5 days.
The first 4 days were spent shooting processing and proofing some film.
The second block of PD involved a 2 day visit to galleries in Adelade.
Then there was a 'bootcamp' run by Adobe, for their AEL and ACL members.

I spent 4 days shooting 10 rolls of 120 medium format black and white fils, which I then processed and made proof sheets of. [4 days]

The 2 day visit to Adelaide revolved around the Trent Parke exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia. The exhibition was many in years in the making and several years in the planning and was largely a reflection on his own life expressed using high contrast and grainy imagery made over the last 20 or so of years of his life. I found the layout and organisation of the exhibition inspiring. However the heavy handedness of the work became somewhat oppressive and hard work. The lack of nuance was like being hit over the head with a hammer repeatedly; and left m…

2014 PD

In 2104 I undertook numerous PD sessions, many online, some provided by the DEAT. I did about 5 hours of online learning with the DEAT on OH&S. [5 hours]

I attended a hands on workshop on digital fine printing. [6 hours]

There were numerous in house PD sessions at our new college NCAT 62 Murray Road Preston. [5 hours]

I also undertook a course with RMIT online that helped me revise many of the topics I teach, it was a about 25 hours worth of study reading and reflecting. [25 hours]

Currently in 2015 I am participating in an Adobe Online course called Adobe Generation Professional: Digital Creativity Already I have leanred a new skill that the students may be able to use in class, using an app called Voice, also made by Adobe. [6 hours]