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2014 PD

In 2104 I undertook numerous PD sessions, many online, some provided by the DEAT. I did about 5 hours of online learning with the DEAT on OH&S. [5 hours]

I attended a hands on workshop on digital fine printing. [6 hours]

There were numerous in house PD sessions at our new college NCAT 62 Murray Road Preston. [5 hours]

I also undertook a course with RMIT online that helped me revise many of the topics I teach, it was a about 25 hours worth of study reading and reflecting. [25 hours]

Currently in 2015 I am participating in an Adobe Online course called Adobe Generation Professional: Digital Creativity Already I have leanred a new skill that the students may be able to use in class, using an app called Voice, also made by Adobe. [6 hours]