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Robots or tutors?

Long interesting read, and here's the final quote:-
Many of us in education technology talk about this being a moment of great abundance – information abundance – thanks to digital technologies. But I think we are actually / also at a moment of great austerity. And when we talk about the future of education, we should question if we are serving a world of abundance or if we are serving a world of austerity. I believe that automation and algorithms, these utterly fundamental features of much of ed-tech, do serve austerity. And it isn’t simply that “robot tutors” (or robot keynote speakers) are coming to take our jobs; it’s that they could limit the possibilities for, the necessities of care and curiosity.
That’s not a future I want for anyone.

New Job!

This year I applied and was successful in gaining a new job as a sessional lecturer with Deakin University. The first trimester [11 weeks] was a simple into to photography subject, and dealt with a whole raft of issues I had not dealt with in nearly 15 years since photography had gone digital. The students were taught to use 35mm analogue cameras and shoot slide film. The results were then assessed using a slide projector. Lot's of memories came flooding back as I looked at slides that were either over or under exposed, poorly focus while also dealing with a jamming slide projector. This was a basic class and as such there was minimal preparation, but assessing was tricky as I was only one of several people working with the students and then only for a few hours.
Needless to say learnt a lot in the first trimester.

The second half of the year saw me teaching and lecturing in a new subject for both Deakin and myself. It was very challenging, as it was a theory only subject. The sub…

Extra Curricular Teaching

Earlier this year,  I ran two classes on social media for the 'Create course' at NCAT. I spent several days preparing and writing the lecture notes then delivered it to the two groups. It was fun and rewarding and several other staff came along and enjoyed the class also.
2 Hours teaching
16 hours prep